This is a post from my Level 1 Instructor in 2010 about refocusing her identity. It’s a great post, and it focuses more on the fitness/health side of things. But I wanted to share some more insight and thought into this, because I feel there is a self-identity issue being played out and having performances in many things fuel one’s ego. The Open magnifies this issue because many feel their score represents who they are as a person. It sounds silly, but it’s a hard truth. And I’m just as guilty here, folks. But there is more to it than just the Open. The daily meanderings of life can be an identity crisis — what you post on the whiteboard at the gym, what job title you have, what house/car you have, the clothes you wear, the body you have/don’t have. It’s comparison, which is the thief of joy. And it’s unhealthy to have this mindset. The failures mean they are not good enough. The successes are the fuel to the ego, which fuels the identity. And it’s a dangerous path to identity one’s self in success or failure. Being truly joyful, thriving and mindful requires a self-actualization of one’s true self and ignoring everything else out there. God being the standard, and people in your life being the checkpoints and guides to this standard. When your life balance is this out of control, you feel lost. You feel ups and downs all the time. You feel a constant discontent about your life. And the big successes fuel you for a long time until you get nailed again by the super low. Nothing is firm, solid and constant. And if you continue this, life will always be tough, and your inner-battle of identity will never be calm. I challenge you — dig deep into what you identify yourself with.


It’s not about being “Open” ready, it’s about being ready for “life.”


It’s not about being “Open” ready, it’s about being ready for “life.”

This time of year, it’s easy to spot the vibe of the greater fitness community, and more specific, the CrossFit community — the CrossFit Games. And each year, I like to try and bring the focus back on what really matters for most people… real health and wellness.
It’s easy to get caught up in the sexiness of the Sport of CrossFit, competing, hitting PRs, getting more things done, quicker, and playing at a high level. Or seeing beautiful people doing crazy things you wish you could do. Who wouldn’t? It is amazing. I’ve been there and done that for a long time. But it’s not for everyone and nor should it be.
My focus at Badger CrossFit is to ensure my people are fit, always getting fit, losing body fat, improving blood markers, bone density, muscle tissue, improving movement mechanics, increasing range of motion, improving stability, creating balance in the body, developing energy systems properly, preventing injury, eliminating inefficient technique, and making for a more well-balanced, stress-free mindset and daily living. Is this right? For me and my athletes, it is. Common sense I’d say. And I think a majority would agree.
Working out shouldn’t add stressors to your life, both physical and mental ones. It should enhance your life, add to it, improve it, and give you greater opportunities in your daily life, both at home and at work.
I see way too many gyms (aka owners) focusing on the 1% and not the 99%. Competition is for the minority, not the majority. The programming you do should not be what the minority does. It’s not right, and it’s a disservice to you and your health for the long term. The human body cannot take a beating day in and day out, and then you expect it to operate properly afterwards! I will be paying the price for my competitive days both in basketball and CrossFit later on, I’m sure of it.
Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t ‘care’ about the minority and their goals! I do, and we always will (hello 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 Regionals). But this message is for those of you who are feeling run down, beat up, and defeated after you go to the gym, seeing others do things you cannot, or getting frustrated with your journey. Please don’t blindly follow what is making you feel worse, or what others are doing, because their path is different than yours.
Seek out people, gyms, coaches and owners who believe fitness is inclusive and accessible for all, and adds to your life, but doesn’t take away from it.

Day 19 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Do you want more coaching?

My goal for 2016 is to to impact the lives of 1000 people in SE-Wisconsin through my gym. 

I hope I’ve impacted you in some way throughout this challenge to be better for you, your family and your life. Because I care about helping others so much, I want to extend an offer to you…

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In Health,

Tyler Sullivan
Founder, Badger CrossFit

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Day 18 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Find Out.

By Ralph Marston

Stop wondering whether or not you can do it. Take persistent, focused action and find out that yes, indeed you can.

Don’t let your dreams merely create future regrets. Join in with them to create a beautiful, fulfilling reality.

You are already making the effort to live this life, so make the choice to make it great. Put your energy not into worry or fear or speculation, but into meaningful achievement.

Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference. And today is full of them.

Go ahead, admit that there are things you would truly love to do. Then get busy doing them.

This is your golden opportunity to know how great life can be. Stop wondering about it and start living it.

Today’s workout:

In Health,

Tyler Sullivan
Founder, Badger CrossFit

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