Don’t hate..

This is a great response to haters by Lisbeth Darsh that addresses haters of CrossFit so please read her article below…  She is referring to this article. And here’s another.But here’s my spin:

I never address or respond to ‘haters’ because in my world, I’m too busy trying to ensure people get better and continue to improve their lives. If I let these things GET, or better yet TAKE AWAY the best of me, I am not able to GIVE the best of me. And that is what my family, friends, athletes, clients, etc. deserve and value — my authentic self and love. It is my desire and goal for all human beings I come in contact with to experience the transformation that physical fitness via CrossFit has on mind, body AND soul/spirit.

There has, is and always will be people who do not understand what we do (CrossFit), why we do it and they will criticize us behind a computer because of fear and uncertainty in themselves or their own futures. People hate because they themselves are insecure. Insecure in what, you say? Their own fitness, someone else’s success, someone else’s way of operating a business, someone else’s fitness feats, someone else’s viewpoint on the world that doesn’t align with theirs… I could go on.

The issue deep down is that hate is insecurity. If we let it, it will infect us and manifest into our lives, causing pain, suffering and harmed relationships. With God, with family, with friends. These relationships are what make this world worth living so don’t let hate win. If you let hate win, you lost.

Do good in the world — just love on others. Even the haters.